Common Test Coming

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Common test is coming! The first paper is on this coming monday. And i'm not yet prepared for any paper. GOSH! Plus, its my O level year, so i got to put in way more effort.

Today, of course went to school. Had Amaths, teacher gave us a quiz. I couldn't do some of the questions. Then she taught us new things which requires us to draw graph on graph paper and thats what i hate the most.


Anyways, drawing graph is a must must must in both Elementary and additional maths and Physics. And yes, for physics, we have been practicing drawing graph.

So after Amaths, its history. Frankly speaking, i wasn't paying attention during history. I was like dreaming and staring into space and looking at people. I don't know why but sometimes i feel that history lessons are boring.

Next is recess, after recess was POA. Had a revision test on partnership. I could manage the question and i think partnership is only of my strong topics. The topic i'm very weak in is the double entry journal. I always tend to get confused with the double entries.

After POA was english. Did the planning for letter writing. Then was assembly. There was a talk by some students on their japan trip and common test briefing. I just sat there and half listen half dream. LOL...

After school, had lunch, i ate tom yam noodles. And the unlucky thing is, my 5cents dropped into the bowl and it sink inside. Too bad the soup isn't colourless so i can't see it and its quite difficult to take it out cause i can't see it. Anyways, i just ate it and while eating, i tried to feel for the coin and finally i managed to get it out before i finished eating.

I went straight home after lunch.

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