First Day of Sec 5

Friday, January 02, 2009

Today's the first day of school. I'm sec 5 already and its my last year in sec school. Don't know if i should be happy or sad that its my last year. Maybe both cause the happy thing is that i don't need to wake up like 6 plus in the morning anymore after O levels finish but the sad thing is that i will miss my friends. I'm kind of having mixed feelings.

Anyways, reached school then went to hall for morning assembly. After that, sec 2, 4 and 5 have to stay back then sec 2 go back to class while sec 4 and 5 continue staying in the hall. After that, went back to class for session with form teacher till 9.55am. At 9.55, lesson starts. Had chemistry then recess. After recess, had maths and MT. After MT, its end of school. So, went to canteen, met guizhi and guilian. Had lunch then went to walked around opposite the school the area with guizhi and guilian. Walked and played till about 3pm then bused home.

Heard that O level Mother Tongue is in beginning June. Omg, its like 5 months away. And my chinese is like, i only got a B4 for N level. Plus, O level is harder. So, got to work really hard for it and also my other subjects.

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