Chinese New Year

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Niu Year once again.

My new year went on smoothly. First day, went to uncle's house. Saw my aunts, uncles and cousins. We had our steamboat lunch and also lou hei. We played blackjack too wan i won about 2 dollars i think. In the evening, went to dad's friend house. Had dinner there and also lou hei. At there, we just chit-chat and slack around.

Second day, went to ahyi's house. Just sit there for a while and ate some new year goodies. After that, went to laoyi's house with mum and ahyi. Played blackjack and slacked around. Had dinner there.

Third day, had school. Went home straight after school to go to another laoyi house. Just sat there for awhile and ate new year goodies. The funny thing is, their dog so likes me. It keeps coming towards me. And sometimes, i was not noticing it coming and suddenly something fury touched me and it gave me a shock. LOL! After that, me and dad went home while mum stayed there.

Did not go anywhere yesterday which is the fourth day cause i was at school till 6pm.

Today, was at school till 3 plus. When i reached home, i changed and went to the temple with mum.

Thats all that happen these few days.

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