The Weekend

Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend was pretty good. On saturday, woke up at 12 i think, then watch tv and chat on msn awhile then went out with mum and dad. We went to Hougang point. Went there for lunch and then to NTUC to shop for our daily needs and also cooking ingredients for dinner. Came home at about 3.30pm, mapled awhile then mop floor and then continue mapling and on the com for the rest of the day.

Sunday, which is yesterday, was a super tiring day. Woke up at 10.30am, actually wanted to wake up later but then there was a event at the park that made me cant sleep cause it was so loud. So, played com till about 12 plus then went out with mum and dad again. We went to bishan J8 for lunch then MRTed to orchard.

It was so crowded at orchard. Its usually pretty crowded there. Somemore, its a sunday, so its sure to be crowded. Anyways, we went to takashimaya. Shopped there for hours then went to eat. After eating, we took MRT down 1 station to somerset. We were heading for centrepoint.

Went to robinson to shop at centrepoint, shopped and shopped. Walk till my feet hurts. We shopped from i think about 2 plus till 7.30pm then went to eat something light. After eating, we took MRT back to bishan and dad drove home.

Reached home, watched TV then bath. After bath, play com awhile and sweet dreams.

Today, i'm back to my rotting at home...

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