Singapore Flyer and Today

Monday, December 08, 2008

Yesterday, went to sit the Singapore Flyer with mum and dad. Went out at 2pm plus for lunch then went to sit the flyer. It was my first time and the ride was quite ok. I was busy taking pictures that i don't even know that we were already at the top until my dad told me. One thing about the ride is that it moves very slowly. It took around half an hour for 1 round.

The cabin

Inside the cabin

Scenery pictures

The whole wheel

After the ride, we went to suntec city. We walked around the lucky fountain.

After that, we went for dinner. After dinner we went home.

Today, its a public holiday so mum and dad do not have to work. We went shopping at OG. We went out at about 1pm plus. We for lunch then go temple pray and then went to shop at OG. I bought 2 pants and an undergarment. We walked and shopped till 5.30pm then went for dinner. We ate laksa and kueh. After eating, we went home.

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