My Christmas

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm going to blog about how did i spent my christmas.

Wednesday, 24 dec, went to cousin house at about 7pm. Reached there, slacked then had dinner. After dinner, talk with cousins then at 9pm watch TV together. Then 10pm, we went to play mahjong. Obviously, i lose. The adults just talk and all.

Christmas day, 25 dec, stayed at home in the morning and half of afternoon. About 3pm, went to compass point with parents. Actually, wanted to go metro but its closed. So, we went for dinner then go popular buy O level books. After that, i went to cut hair then go home.

Yesterday, 26 dec, stayed at home whole morning and afternoon. At about 5 plus went to AMK hub to meet classmates to go united square's swensens for the treat by our Amaths teacher. I ate chocolate crush. Quite nice. After that, i went to mac to buy nuggets as my dinner. Then ate while walking to the MRT. Managed to eat finish before reaching the MRT. MRTed to hub, bought my 8days magazine and bused home.

Today, i'm just staying at home. Not going out...

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