Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's 1.09am, which means its christmas eve. I wish one and all a merry christmas.

Anyways, i'm going to blog about these 3 days.

Sunday, 21 dec, went to United square with parents. When we reached there, we went to novena square walk awhile then went back to united square walked awhile then went for dinner at the food court. I ate fish and chips. After that, we went to a desert stall and had desert. I shared a desert with dad. Guess what? I ate snow. Haha, its actually durian and black rice balls in snow sago. Dad ate the durian and black rice balls and abit of snow sago. I ate most of the snow sago. After having desert, we went home.

Monday, 22 dec, was just staying at home.

Yesterday, 23 dec, stayed at home in the morning and afternoon. Went out in the evening. Me and dad went to fetch my mum from her office then we went J8 for dinner. Ate at crystal jade. After dinner, we went to watson then walked around awhile and went home.

Later, in evening will be going out to cousin house. As for the rest of the day, not sure what i will do. Either go out or stay at home.

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