Last Day Of 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today's the last day of 2008, which also means school is going to start soon in 2 days time.

Anyways, i will write on my past 3 days first.

Sunday, 28 dec, went to compass point with mum and dad. We had lunch at the food court there. After that, we went our own ways. I went to find presents for a best friend. Then i went to find mum, she was trying clothes and seeing clothes. And i was just hanging around there feeling bored. I end up playing games in my handphone and listening to songs from my handphone. After that, we went to meet dad for dinner. Ate at Ichiban Sushi. Ate my favourite tempura udon. After dinner, dad went in own way while me and mum went to a clothes shop, mum wanted to buy clothes. So, i just waited outside. After that, we went home.

Monday and yesterday, 29 and 30 dec, was just staying at home.

Now, i'm going to write about my 2008. This year was just busy with N levels. Studying and studying. But the results was quite good. I did well. The main thing is that i can go sec 5. Thats what i want and also my parents and at least i did not disappoint them.

In june, i went hongkong with my parents and that was the first time i went there. I was so excited at that time. It was my first time in disneyland too.

In nov, i went to genting with my parents and also KL. I went to genting alot of times before and KL a few times, so there's nothing special to me. There's not much i did in genting. Just walked around and play at the arcade. In KL, we went to stay and shop at times square. There's changes to the shopping centre since i last went there. Bought many clothes there.

In dec, i went chalet with my parents. Dad just relax in the room while me and mum went swimming on the first day and wild wild wet on the second. To tell the truth, its been a long time since i last went swmming and wild wild wet. We also walked around the place with dad and on the third day which i also the last day. We went bowling. It's also been been a long time since i last went bowling.

This year has been good for both enjoy and study. Next year will be another tough year for me. I'll be taking my O levels. My one and only new year resolutions is to do well for O levels. Wish me luck and i wish one and all a Happy New Year 2009.

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