Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Sunday, which is 3 days ago. Went for chalet at downtown east with parents. It was great fun. We reached there at 2 plus then went for lunch at E!Hub. After lunch, we went to checked in and rest in the room awhile then went to walk. At about 5 plus, mum and i went to swim. After that, we rest awhile in the room then went for dinner and walked around.

Me and a christmas tree

2nd day, woke up at 11 plus. Went to eat then mum and i went to wild wild wet while dad just stayed in the room. Its been a long time since i last went there. Played around and sat the rides. At about 4 plus, we went to swim awhile then go back room bath. Stayed in the room and watch TV. About 6 plus, we went for dinner and walked around then at 8, go back room watch TV again. 10 plus go out again. Actually wanted to go bowling but there were lots of people and the lanes are all taken. We did not wait cause there were too many people on the waiting list, so we just went back to room and sleep.

3rd day, woke up at 9 plus then checked out. Went for breakfast at mac. After breakfast, we went bowling at 10 plus. At that time there was not so many people, so we got to play. After that, we went for lunch. After lunch, we went to a temple near my house then go home.

The Bowling Place Entrance

An unglam picture of me getting ready to bowl

I enjoyed my 3days there. It was so fun!

Anyways, tomorrow will be getting N level results. Wonder how i've done...

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