Yesterday and Today

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yesterday, went out with mum and dad. We for lunch at about 1.30pm. After lunch at about 3pm, went to ubi to see car. The sales person gave us a name card so i was looking at it. Then i saw the address like almost same as my mum office. So, i asked her.

Me: Mum, your office is this road?
Mum: Ya, my office is just behind here.

Then when we leave the place, i saw my mum's office buliding. After that, we went to commpass point for dinner and shop. Ate at the food court. I ate korean noodles. Then went to shop and went home at 6.45 cause i was watch TV.

Reached home, watched TV. The channel 8 45th anniversary show. Show ended at 10pm then bath, play computer then sleep.

Today, its rotting at home. Was playing computer game with chewping just now. Now, she went out for lunch, so i'm waiting for her to be back then we play again. The rest of the day is just seeing my computer, watching TV and doing what a normal person does everyday.

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