Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yesterday, outing with Chewping and her neighbour.

Left home at about 1.40pm. Bused to hub then went to have lunch myself at S11. Met chewping and neigbour at about 2.30pm. Then went to buy movie ticket. Watched High School Musical 3. We watched the 3.30pm show. So, after buying ticket, walked around the arcade then take neoprint. After taking neoprint, we went for the movie. The movie was quite alright. After movie, walked around hub then chewping and neighbour bused home and i MRTed to Bishan J8 to meet mum and dad.

Had dinner at Crystal Jade with mum and dad. Ate dumplings, congee and cold pig's shanks. Quite tasty. Used to love the cold pig shanks but now i'm in love with the prawn dumplings. Haha. After dinner, went to breadtalk to buy bread then go watson buy something then its home sweet home.

Was quite a fun day but tiring. Well, at least better then staying at home all day.

Today, just rotting at home.

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