Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today, spent the whole day at home mapling and surfing the web. Chionged maple, both my pirate and priest and also see abit of internet.

By the way, maple pirate 4th job skills are so cool. Anyways, i'm only lvl 24, so i should not think about 4th job yet. I also don't know when i can 4th job, its at lvl 120. Will take me years.

Actually, wanted to play back audition but my audition can't seem to work. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS! I kept uninstalling and reinstalling but it just doesn't seem to work. Never mind about it.

Anyways, i think my com is having some problems. I don't know if their is virus in my com. The connection is not stable sometimes. Never mind, at least still can use or just ask my dad to check for me.

Maybe, going to sleep soon cause feeling kinda tired. Mapling and looking at the com the whole day can be tiring. Plus, its bad for eyes too.

Talking about eyes, my eyesight is getting poorer i think. I guess i should see less com, which means maple less and play less games. Maybe i really should, i don't wan to have ugly eyes.

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