2 Days

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm going to blog about the past 2 days till today.

Wednesday, 19 Nov
Day with Chewping. Our original meeting time was 9.30am but i woke up at 9.15am! Sure cannot make it to meet her at 9.30, so we meet at 10 instead. Actually, i set my alarm clock at 8.45 but when it rang, i off it and fall asleep! end up waking up at 9.15am. So, we went to eat breakfast at the foodcourt at hub. I ate wanton noodles and chewping ate korean food. After eating, we took a bus down to my house. Played com and talk and stuff. Chewping went home at 5pm. Her dad came to fetch her.

Thursday, 20 Nov
Its my oh-so-boring rotting at home. Stayed at home, play maple, online, watch tv, sleep.

Its again staying at home day. Wanted to chiong maple 24hr 2x but then, train awhile then lag and lag and the lag leads to a disconnection. It kind of makes me fustrated when this happpens. But, i doesn't happen all the time. Anyways, i'm the type who cant tahan long. I cant sit still at keep looking at the com for long. Max about 1hr plus. My 2x is still on but i'm kind of lazy to play now. I shall go play later.

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