Friday, October 31, 2008

My computer bully me. Sobs...

Keep giving me problems. And problems are coming at the wrong time ah. During exam period, like no problems. Now, i'm having holidays, keep giving so many problems.

Maple cannot play, audi cannot play. Want play new game also cannot.


Since computer games are giving me problems, i'm been doing my word search book. That book is quite old, bought it years back but haven do finish all the puzzles. But, i'm quite addicted to it now. Maybe, i can finish all the puzzles by this holiday.

Also, i've been watching TV. Usually, i will only watch 7pm and 9pm shows but now i'm starting to watch 5.30 and 11pm show. Haha.

Well, actually i like holidays. Who doesn't like holidays...But it can be boring sometimes especially when we're spenting the whole day at home for days.


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