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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today English lesson, watched a movice called Dead Poet Society. Its bascially about a boarding school.I think its in the united states if i am not wrong. We have been watching this show for a few days le. This is the third day i think. Haha. Chinese watched show again. I forgot the show name but its i think about a witch or something.

Tomorrow is exam le. Got math and Geography paper. Just now 5.30pm, i have been studying my geography for about 1 hour. Trying to remember the facts. So many facts to remember. This and that from chapter 1 to 39. STRESS!! Still got math, have to mermorise some formula.

Today in school quite ok but sad day. I cried in school today but wont say what happen cause i dont want to hurt anyone and i m in happy mood now and i dont want to say and then sad again. Haha. OK. I guess i shall stop here. Still got many things to revise and do. I shall now end my post with a smile. =D

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