Happy and Sad

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hi. Today had math and geography exams. Math paper was super easy but i cannot confirm i will get full marks. Geography paper was well okok. At least i can do. I hope i get at least a pass. Tomorrow got tuition for science. Monday got science and lit exam. Exam, exam , exam. Sigh.

Today is also a day of laughter. My friends and i were laughing like crazy the whole afternoon but we were laughing at something and its a secret. Wont tell you what we are laughing at. Haha. Want to know come find me yourself. Heehee.

Besides being happy, its also somehow sad. Again the story is a secret. Come find me yourself is you want to know but never mind. It will be over soon. Anyway, we must try to stay happy and not let anything affect us even though there would be some sad times.

Just updated some things in my blog too. Feel free to have a look. Haha. Ok. I think i shall stop here. Cya.

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