I m back

Friday, September 22, 2006

Hi. Long time no post liao, so now i have a lot to say. Heehee.

Let me beginng with the sept holidays. Juz last 2 weeks ago, it was the school holidays and my whole holiday week is packed. Haha. Monday went for CIP, tuesday tuition and weds to fri go to melaka. Haha. Its was a fun trip. Stayed at the Renaissance hotel and there is a free shuttle to the nearest shopping mall went there and shop shop. Bought clothes and eat and sleep. Heehee.

Last weds on 13 sept had rockwall climbing. Had to climb the ladder and then bring oourselves down like when we climb the wall then we come down that way. So scary and in the middle we have to open our arms and float in the air. Heehee. The instructor said i was brave. Ah nah. Not brave at all. Haha. Managed to complete lor.

Now exams coming liao. =( Time to work hard liao. Boring lor. Less games. More study. Nvm. I will control this 3 weeks then after exam. Woohoo. Time to play again. I m thinking till so far. Haha. OK, i think i shall stop here. Haha.

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