Long time no post cum June Holis

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I've not been posting for a long time coz i m too lazy to post and when i come online i straight away login maple. Now, i play until so bored ler, dun feel lyk playing. Hehe. What should i say? Maybe i will say abt my June holis and when i went to Genting and KL which i wanna write long ago but too lazy.

In dis trip to genting, i didnt do much. I went with my family of course and i spent my time at genting sleeping. Can u believe it? i slept alomsted half a day. All i did was eat and sleep and only go to the arcade at night abt 8pm after dinner. I oso got some things from the arcade by changing the tickets i got. We oso celebrated my bday here. Dad bought a cake to celebrate my bday and its an ice-cream cake. Its so cool!!

KL was much better. I didnt sleep much coz cant sleep. LOL. Sleep too much at genting ler. The hotel we stayed in was Crown Princess. There is also a shopping centre there but there is not much stuffs for my type but we went shopping too at another place. Actually we plan to juz stay and walk around the 'boring" place but when we were eating at the resturant, we table mat was a map of how to go to that place. Then i was lyk looking at it and saw times square, a shopping centre we went before. Then my mother said, we not we go there. So we investigate how to go there. At the station for the LRT, we asked the ticket counter pple. She said take to Dang Wangi then take monorail. It was the 1st time i sat on their LRT and monorail. I bought many things. KL was much better. We spent 2 days shopping.

That was my trip. I think i shall stop here coz i have nthing much to write ler. Cya.

I did enjoyed the trip especially at KL. =)

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