A Fall At Safety Cycling 3

Friday, May 19, 2006

Today went to East Coast Park for a workshop called Safety Cycling 3 at PDP. Its a workshop of 3 sessions. I m a non- cyclist. Jus learnt how to cycle in session 1 and 2 and today we went to ECP to cycle. The intructor told us to follow him. I cycle. As i could not cycle so well, my fren helped me. In the middle, i cycled too fast and cannot control, so i bumped on to Jason and i fell together with him. My little finger on my left hand had a small cut and my right hand was scratch. Its was not pain. The most serious one was my left knee. I am so funny. Fall oredy still can be smiling. Jason had a cut on his hand and knee on 1 side. After doing some first aid stuffs. I and a PDP facil went to walk the bike back and Jason continued cycling.

Be Careful to myself....LOL....

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