Thursday, April 20, 2006

HiHi. Jus came back from CCA. It was full of laughter at CCa today. Me and Ros kept on laughing and Ros laugh so funny. Coz she's having sorethroat. Did some duties at first then at da end, we went slacking. We went to use the com sia. We went to my blog and Ros posted vagularities and it came out to be 1 *beep* 2... and we were laughing abt it. We went to Ros blog and tried but it came out as it is. I went to use another com and to to the tagboard site. I checked. When there is vagularities, it will come out as 1 beep 2. Its enable, so i disable it. I went to my blog and tried. It came out the word itself. No 1 beep 2. I told Ros. We both laughed. Ros was at MSN Spaces looking a pple. We saw many funny craps and started laughing. Full of laughter. When we were walking to the bus stop, we were also laughing and when we were reaching the bus stop, i started to dance and Ros was like looking sick and saying she needs a rest or watever. It was a day in da afternoon which is full of laughs.


Two school girls doing craps stuffs.....Hahahaha...(Me and Ros fav colour)

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