The Three Gurls cum Sports Day

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hi. I've alot to write for this post. Its school Sports Day and abt 3 girls. Hahaha. I shall write from after school to when we finish our sports day.

After school, me, Ros and Jasmine went home together to change and get ready to go to YCK. We arranged to meet at my blk at 1.30pm. Jasmine was the 1st to be down there. When i went down at 1.30pm i saw her on the phone talking to Ros. It was 1.30 and Ros was still at hme. Ah. She's late. Nvm. We walked to YCK and doing lots of craps. Ros gave me and Jasmine a bottle of stars and a flower each. While we were walking, Ros and Jasmine carried me and Ros lose control and they put me down on the ground sia. Hahaha. We continued walking and saying what baby, sister, big sister, small sister, Brother and other craps. We have to cross the road and i ran across. A car was turning too. Lucky me. I m safe. What bad me. Trying to kill myself. LoL. We reached the stadium.

There was the what walk-a-jog or wadever. All non-competiters had to go for it. We were one of those. It was so sien. Walk 3 rounds on the running track. Then it was the running competition. The cheerleader keep cheering and there was a cheerleading competition too. Then for the prizes, there was the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of e v race and the overall champion house. The winner house is Griffin. Me and Jasmine are from Griffin. Griffin won last yr too. Griffin seems to be a very sport house but me leh. I m not good in sports. LoL. What the hell. When we were sitting on the spectator seat. Jasmine keept on sprinking glitter on pple. Ros had abit too as when we were walking to YCK, she put it on her.

It was dissmissal. Griffin was dissmissed at the 3rd which means me and Jasmine was being dismissed 1st then Ros as she is from Phonix. Sorry, dunno da spelling. =( When Griffin was told to go to the grass patch, i lose Jasmine and when we were told to leave. I waited outside for Jasmine and Ros. Ros came out and we were trying to find Jasmine. We called Jasmine and found out that she has gone off. Me and Ros took 76 home. On da bus, i sat on Ros lap. See we so good. Make space for other pple. The bus was full la. There was so many pple queueing for 76. We got off the bus after a few stops. When we were on the bus, it started to rain and when we got off the bus, we walked in da rain and we untied our hair. Haha. Then i heard a horn. It was my mum and dad. We said goodbye and Ros countinue walking and i went with my parents.

What a long post! As i said i have lots to write and oso it was a day full of laughter.

Another laughter day for me and Ros again. But this time is with Jasmine.

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