Friday, March 24, 2006

Jus came back from camp today. Its a 3 days 2 nights camp as usual. We did lots of activity. First was the Nature Rumble...Ewwww...Mud...We had to sit and lie on the muddy water and my shoes, socks and clothes are all muddy. Even my hands and legs too. We had many other actvities such as Command and Conquer and Inutiative Games. We actually had Rockwall Climbing on the 1st day but after learning how to put on our gear, the rain came, so we cant climb. On the second day, we had some other activities too. We oso had our campfire when every group had to present our item and cheer. I felt that my class was the lamest. Our cheer was okay. We had some other funny things during the campfire too and some of them are by our intrustors. The thing that i enjoyed most was the campfire. It made me laughed alot until I was coughing when i was abt to sleep at nite. THE CAMPFIRE ROX MAN!!HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I m full of laughter......Muhahahaha!!! I guess thats all i have to say...

EWWWW....Guddy Mud.... at the Nature Rumble
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! at the campfire....full of laughter....

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