Bad & Good

Friday, March 10, 2006

I've got both bad and good news today. Ahemm....which should I say first... Maybe the bad coz be sad first then happy mah. Okies. I shall say out the bad news which is.... I M DOOMED!!! I m doomed with my results. Just got back report books today. I failed my math... OMG...mum's gonna be mad at me...sob... I got 40 marks but my % rank is 75% which means I scored 75% better than the others in my stream. This shows that most of the people in my stream failed this test...but I m still doomed coz my mum may be mad at me...OMG.... for the good news....went to Animal Resort with PDP today. Saw lots of animals....saw animals from different countries. I saw the woodstock which we cant go near them. If we go near them, we may get hurt. Warning: Do NOT go near. Hahaha. We get to feed some of the animals too such as rabbit, fishes, geese and goat. Of all i like the rabbit best. How i wish i can take 1 home. Too bad i cant and they are not for sale as well.

This are my bad and good news and is the end of my post. Cya.

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