All about today

Friday, February 03, 2006

Hi! This post about today will be posted in a composition form.In the dust, when the sun is about to rise i woke up and got ready for school. We had PE lessons and we ran the 2.4m run around the school. The passing time for me is about 18mins but i ran about 19 mins. I got t0 run faster and a little bit faster as i only failed by 1 min. Had history, we did a worksheet and today my class had Chinese and Science test. I am now not the secretary. I m being sacked. Its so cool isn't it? After school, i did some of my homework then i went home and played maple till now. I had breaks in between of course. Now, i m going to continue play maple. I m lvl 45 and 79% now. Wish me good luck! Cya...sort of like compo style rite?oks..i m gonna play maple now.Cya.

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