Friday, January 20, 2006

Today i had such a wonderful day. As usual morning in school. The most exciting part comes in the afternoon after school. After school, went for PDP and we went to East Coast Park. Its was so exciting. Some people rode bike and I jus sit down and munch..munch...munch on potato chips. After awhile, i saw my fren down there at the sandy beach. I took of my socks and shoes and went down. I played with water too. In the end, my PE shorts and skirt were wet when i got home. It was so fun though.

While walking to take the coach back to school, i can feel sand in my shoes and its poking me. My shorts were sticking on my legs too. I didnt wore socks back as it will be worse. When i reach school, i saw the principal jus outside the General Office and i was not wearing socks and hair untidy. Haha. That time, she was busy talking so we jus went off.

When i reach home, i rest for abt 5 mins then i went for a bath and i used cold water even though i on the heater. The icy cold bath. Not excatly icy. Now, i m currently playing maple. 89% now. I m going to try to lvl up. So i shall stop here for now and go lvl up.Cya.

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