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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Keychains condoms
The Keychain condom!!
You are a get down to bussiness type of person.
Foreplay is not your thing, but you can go for
hours! Your serious personality in the bedroom
displays a lack of well-roundedness in other

Best Position: missionary

Condoms!! what is your kind of condom AND what does it mean?( with pics not dirty sheesh!)
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Your cosume is a flapper costume!

What Should Your Halloween Costume Be?
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sonny moore
Emo. Ur an emo kid.(saw it comming didn't u.) U
like awesome music.*caugh* Armor for Sleep
*caugh* U probably have tight jeans on,a band
shirt,eyeliner,& a tie on right now.

Which stupid stereotype are you?(pics)
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You're an Emo. *sniff*
Genre of softcore punk music that integrates
unenthusiastic melodramatic 17 year olds who
dont smile, high pitched overwrought lyrics and
inaudible guitar rifts with tight wool
sweaters, tighter jeans, itchy scarfs (even in
the summer), ripped chucks with favorite bands
signature, black square rimmed glasses, and
ebony greasy unwashed hair that is required to
cover at least 3/5 ths of the face at an angle.

What High School Stereotype are you? (pictures!)
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guardian angel
A guardian angel watches over you. You are kind,
sweet, and generous. You put others before
yourself and you never let anyone get left
behind. You may be a bit shy at times. When
you are around your friends though, you are fun
and exciting! When you are comfortable you are
able to open up. It's when you are somewhere
unfamiliar, uncomfortable, or around those you
are not familiar with that you are shy. You're
caring and above all loving. You're guardian
angel keeps good watch over you and is always
protecting you.

Who is your soul guardian?
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