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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dominant Personality: Innocence

Good Traits: You're bubbly and bright. You
ask a lot of questions, and can make anyone

Bad Traits: You're too naive. People will
step all over you.

You're Most Like: Calm. You're laid back,
and don't get much accomplished. But you have
more energy than someone who's calm.

You Need More: Fear. You run into dangerous
situations without a care, and find yourself
trapped. Be aware, and listen to your instinct.

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Average Poneytail

You're the type of person that has the tendency to
keep it real, you're funny, but you know when
to be serious if the time calls. You are laid
back, and you're intellectual, you'd be
surprised how many people look up to you!

What hairstyle suits your personality?
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Your colour is Blue!
You are Calm and some what mysterious! You are a
kind person and ahve lots of friends but
sometimes tend to keep to yourself!

What Is Your Colour???? Sorry... Only girl pics!
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mute curse
You are mute. You were born with the inability to
speak. You may not have a voice, but you are a
natural at martial arts, which is good because
you need the skills to fight the evil that is
attracted to you. On your twelfth birthday,
you wake up in the middle of the night with a
terrible pain in your chest. It turns out that
the reason you are mute is because you are the
protector of your family's sacred jewel and
each generation, the chosen protector is born
with the inability to speak so they can not
tell they are the protector. Evil is attracted
to you because they sense the powerful presence
within your body. Now you must go through life
a mute and an evil magnet, unless there is some
way you can find to break the curse of the
sacred jewel protector.

What curse do you possess?
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