The week

Saturday, July 16, 2005

beautiful winged angel
A beautiful angel. God would hand pick you to be
his right hand angel. You are a blessing
beyond blessings. You are kind and helpful
towards everyone and everything. You also have
a smile to lighten up the world. You believe
everything deserves a chance to thrive and live
on to greatness. To you, everything has a
purpose and a way of living and you hold no
grudge against it.

What Type of Angel Will You Be?
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You are a Fairy Godmother!!! The most common Fairy
Godmother would be Cinderella's, but Sleeping
Beauty also had 3 of her own. Cosmo and Wanda
from Fairly OddParents are also Fairy
Godmothers. There is also one in Shrek 2. There
are many Fairy Godmothers, and I wonder if I
should make a quiz on that too... Oh well, have
fun with your godchildren!

What kind of Fairy are you? 6 Famous Fairies Possibilities!
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Lactating Barbie
Lactating Barbie? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Snap out of it and kill the kid while you still

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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This week is a sch week...frm Mon to Fri need to go to sch....yesterday had PE...besides playing floorball...we had height and weight measurement....i lose weight....maybe because i was sick last week....i grown by 1cm only...had Geography test yesterday too..the test was hard...the opened-ended one is hard..the rest are week is Racial Harmony on Thurs..we will be celebrating...have to walk to Campus 1 at 10am frm Campus 2...haiz...but then i can treat it as an exercise...hehe...anyway, i have nthing to say already... bye.

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