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Saturday, July 09, 2005

You are a Faerie, mischievous and fun
loving. You are friendly, flighty and can
sometimes fickle and you love the company of
others. You probably have many friends and
delight them with your stories and jokes. You
do also have a rebellious side to you though,
and you like to upset the authorities. You just
can't help it - you just love to upset the

Your good points are that you're
fun, intelligent and a joy to be around - your
bad points are you can be fickle, devious and
sometimes take your tricks too far! In
addition, you can also be unaware of other
people's feelings.

You love to be in the
limelight and believe in living live to the
full - After all, life is short and not meant
to be wasted!

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Happy soul
Your soul is happy.
You live life like its all a fun game. You
don't like to take things seriously which is
both good and bad. Due to your fun loving
nature you don't like steady boyfriends that
much. They come and go, and you simply aren't
ready for your true love to come just yet.
Generally you are a good friend who can cheer
up those in need of it and are fun to hang out
with. You hate feeling sad yourself and avoid
it the best you can. Parties and social
gatherings are your things, whether it be in
small or large groups of people. It is no
surprise that you are well-liked among your

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