The day before & yesterday......

Monday, March 14, 2005

The day before which was last Saturday(12/3)went for the CIP thing.Must reach school by 8am but Chloe & i were a few mins late. Went to school together. Some other pple were late too.We didn't noe tat the main gate was open.We saw all the other gates lock.We were standing outside the school(near the parade square)screaming like idiots to get attention from anyone in there.Tats so funny.
Yesterday,went to Bishan J8 to have lunch with my mum and dad.Went to NTUC to buy sleeping bag for the sch camp but sold out.Went to NTUC at Hougang Point oso sold out.Next we went to Giant and managed to get the sleeping bag.Bought some other things too.
I think tats all i wanna say.Bye.

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