Mythical Sprite

Friday, January 14, 2005

Mischievous, trouble making, eccentric and curious

You are no sprite! Your a pixi! Full of mischief
and spunk you are a natural prankster and love
to pull wild and crazy stunts! You have sticky
fingers and anything shiny is quite attractive
and will pull you towards it like a magnet! But
your not all bad, you have a great sense of
humor that will make even the most up-tight
person laugh, to make people laugh is an
awesome gift! You are quite childish and most
times leap before you think, fun comes before
reason but to you the price is worth paying.
Pixies are usually quite a nuisance, you are
very unique. You are full of energy and
childlike happiness, you know how to live life
to the fullest!

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