Saturday, December 18, 2004

Sorry for not posting for so long. I was on a holiday. Came back last Monday, 13 Dec. Wanted to post last Tuesday but computer got problem. I went to Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon. I stayed in the pyramid tower hotel. Sunway lagoon is a theme park. Both water and dry. 2 kinds in 1. My favourite in the water one is the wave pool. I also like the slide but dunno what is the name. There is also a shopping centre. Went to shop for clothes for Chinese New Year. Bought a few. I went to play archery too. My mum and dad played too. It was fun. I managed to shoot some arrows in the yellow circle which is the best but i'm not very good. Anyway, i like it. For now, i'm waiting for 22 Dec to go to school to get my Sec school posting results. I think thats about all. Bye.

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