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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Went to register today. Saw 1 of my pri 6 classmate in mayflower sec. Saw a boy in my class look like my pri 6 classmate but not sure if its really him. Anyway, i'm in 1 F and Chloe is in 1 E. The letters represent a word. Mine is formidable while Chloe's is Endeavor. Bought the uniform too. The skirt so long. I'm in the Griffin house for the P.E. T-shirt cause i'm born in June, so my P.E. T-shirt is black while Chloe's is red. The colour is secleted according to the month of our birthday. I hate black and the shorts is black too. The whole suit is black for me but its ok.

Went to Junction after going to the school to register. I bought a spaggetti strap n the blue and green vest which i saw last Tues(its mention in my previous post). Chloe bought a top and a spaggetti strap at B.U.M. Equipment. Went to LAPAGAYO too. Chloe's mum bought a T-shirt and my mum bought one too. Den go to sch buy uniform den go home.

At 4pm, i went to the tailor with my mum to shorten my sch skirt. Went to eat. Den we go to the clothes shop. My mum bought a blouse there. Go home and how i'm typing here. At 7pm, i 'm going to watch T.V. I think thats about all. Cya.

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