what i do todae

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Dis morning i went to school with my mum, Chloe and her mum to submit the option form. Next, we went to J8 to eat. Chloe and i took neoprint and also go shopping while my mum and her mum went to NTUC. We went home to put the things bought from NTUC then we went to Ang Mo Kio central. First Chloe went to pierce her ears. Next we went to four seasons and Chloe helped me choose a good hi-fi and i like it but did not buy it. We went to Taka jewellery. My mum bought a pair of earring and Chloe's mum bought one for her and herself. For me, i bought a CD. Me and Chloe bought a drink then my mum went to buy 4D then we went home. I went to Chloe's house a 4pm. I went Home at 8pm. I watch T.v. and now i'm typing here. Got to go. Bye.

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