PSLE Results

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sorry for not updating for so long as there is nothing much to update. What i do is what people do daily. Anyway,today i got my PSLE results and i felt sad as i did not reach my goal and i have to go to the 5 years normal(A) course. My goal was at least a 225 to go Mayflower Sec express course but i got lower than that. Eng: B, M.T.: B, Math: C, Sci: C. Haiz..... all because of my Science. I am also happy for something else and that is that for stream EM1/2 for my school, 100% pass and i am in EM2. Although i pass but i am still not happy with my results. Anyway, all i need to do i work hard in Sec 1 and 2 and if i do well, i can go to the 4 years express course in Sec 3 and i don't need to stay 1 more year. If i stay in express in Sec 4 then i don't need to stay one more year in Sec. I must work hard.

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