Thursday, November 04, 2004

Today my class have orienteering. All the p6 pupils have to do and today is my class turn. Luckily it is not raining at that time as it has been raining these few days. It is about learning how to read the map and compass. We have to look for 23 check points in 40 minutes. We don't have to find all. We just have to find as many as possible within the time limit. If we did not return to the basketball court in time, the teacher will minus our check points. It is a class competition. The class will be divide into teams. The winning team will get a prize i think. My team found 6 check points but i'm not sure if my team will win. If my team did not win is ok, i will treat it as a game. Actually, winning is not important. The most important is we know how to read the map and the compass but i still hope that my team will win.

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