How i spent the day

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Dis afternoon i went to Toa payoh HDB Hub with my dad and mum. We went to eat then we go to courts. My father went to buy bags for the vacuum while my mum and i went to look for a good hi-fi. A few minutes later, my dad came and helped me looked for a good one but he said that none of them is good. I saw the one Chloe has too. We went to Great World City. We go to Best to look for a good hi-fi. We found a good portable CD radio cassette Recorder and my mum bought it for me. We go window shopping for a while then we went to eat. After eating, we went home. When we reached home, i tidy my room. I rest for a while after tiding my room. At 8pm, my mum call me to eat and now i am typing here. Later, i will go and bathe and then......Anyway, i got to go. Cya.

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