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Monday, January 26, 2015

Cruises Onboard Superstar Gemini

As stated in my last post relating to cruise which was way back in April last year, Superstar Virgo relocated after being based in Singapore for a few years. After that ship left, another ship under the same cruise line came to be based in Singapore. Since we have been cruising all these while, of course we went on cruises onboard the other ship.

I was quite excited for my first cruise on Superstar Gemini. There are two reasons, one was i've never been on this ship before and two was Gemini is my horoscope. I have no clue why i was so excited just because Gemini is my horoscope but when i first heard about this ship coming to be based in Singapore, the horoscope thing totally came into my mind.

To date, i've been on 6 cruises onboard Superstar Gemini.

 photo P1050091_zps74947fc6.jpg
At the reception area

This was on my very first trip in April last year. Since it was my first time on this ship, there was lots of exploring and familiarizing with the different areas of the ship.

 photo P1050088_zps559a917e.jpg
With mum at the reception area

 photo P1050123_zps78e9bd83.jpg
Stardust Lounge is where daily night performances are held. Its the same trip but second day thus different outfit.

 photo P1050120_zps656942d0.jpg
The stage in Stardust Lounge

 photo P1050111_zps8846c74c.jpg
At the highest desk of the ship

This is all for the first trip. Moving on to the second trip which was also in April.

 photo 20140417_141838_zpsaa81c0ee.jpg
View of Malacca from the ship

 photo 20140417_222659_zps46d07d3e.jpg
Having drinks at Maxims Lounge

Just realize that i didn't have any photos of myself when i was looking through my gallery. Anyways, moving on to my third trip which was the best trip ever cause it was my birthday celebration. A Gemini girl on a Gemini ship, how cool does that sounds!

 photo 20140614_205050_zps6b1b868f.jpg
Cutting my cake. This was the day before my birthday.

 photo 20140615_000049_zps31f4cc5b.jpg
Drinks with my parents at midnight when it was really my birthday.

The fourth trip was a week after my birthday trip.

 photo 20140626_173453_zps971fd92a.jpg
At Malacca again

 photo 20140626_183010_1_zpscf4b5e4a.jpg
Having coffee with mum

Again there was no pictures of myself. But for the next trip in August, i videoed the entire trip.

Lastly, my sixth trip was in November after my internship. Its also my final cruise in 2014.

 photo 20141112_214915_zpsaf872aa7.jpg
Sitting like a boss in the cabin

 photo 20141113_163635_zps3e960e3b.jpg
Yes, its Malacca again for the third time.

Overall, i enjoyed all the 6 cruises but the first trip was definitely enjoyable cause it was a whole new cruising experience. The second trip could be good too as i may have wanted to see what else was there around the ship that i didn't manage to see on my first trip. The trip that i vlogged about was quite enjoyable as vlogging gives me the motivation to actually take a stroll around the ship to video it. Also, this trip was to Tioman which is the only trip that was to a different place. As stated above, 3 was to Malacca and the remaining 2 was to no where. Finally, the best trip of all would definitely be the trip which i celebrated my birthday.

Haven't went on any cruise this year but well, its only January. There are no plans yet but i hope to go on a different ship, preferably a ship by another cruise line.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Ramblings: The Start

In an effort to update my blog regularly which is one of my resolutions for this year under the 20 things i want for 2015 hashtag on my quotes twitter, I'm starting a new category on this blog called 'Friday Ramblings'. I'll be writing on any topics but mainly on issues that i'm experiencing in my daily life based on the ideas that i currently have in mind. Well, like a rambling which is why i named it Friday Ramblings.

I'm starting this series of posts not only to fulfill my resolution but also as a platform for me to voice out my opinions and thoughts. I have always loved writing and sometimes, i do feel the urge to write a post. However, most of my posts are pictures based with mostly captions and a little description. So Friday Ramblings would serve as a way for me to really write more. Whenever i have something to write that is outside of my plans, i can simply write and post it on the coming friday.

It won't be every friday although i try to make it every week. Currently i don't have that many ideas for a weekly post. To be honest, ideas don't come to me that often. Sometimes i do think hard but just have no ideas. I can actually cite an example for this which is my quotes twitter. I try as much as possible to tweet everyday or leave at the most two days gap. But i didn't tweet at all from last thursday until tuesday, making it a 6 days gap. The reason is i don't have any inspiration for new quotes. Some people are full of ideas but not me. So i don't want to promise anything here.

I didn't tweet for 6 days, from 15 Jan to 20 Jan.

"Its better to not promise anything when you know it can't be fulfilled. Sometimes its better to just let nature take its cause."
That just totally came to my mind, a potential new quote. Sometimes when i write something, new thoughts just comes naturally. Well, but sometimes i need to do some research to gain inspiration.

I've no more thoughts about this ideas topic already so that will be all for this post. Will ramble more in the next Friday Ramblings!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Posts On Dayre: September To December 2014

Here are the posts for the remaining months of 2014 that have not been linked on this blog. As i've not been actively blogging on dayre, there are only 6 posts for the 4 months so i can combine all of them into a single post. Click on the images to view individual posts from September to December or visit the main page of my dayre blog for my latest post.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

2015 Resolutions

Happy New Year! As the year begins, its time to set resolutions for this year. As per my final review for my 2014 resolutions, i didn't pass with only a score of 3/7. So i will be bringing those resolutions forward to this year.

These are the resolutions:

1. Take care of my health, especially during holidays

- Have proper meals at proper time
- Go to bed and wake up at proper time
- Drink more water, at least 1 cup a day at home

2. Have some self discipline

3. Organize my life with a schedule and follow it

I know these shouldn't be done only for a year but life long. However, i feel that by putting it as resolutions, it will motivated me to do them. Once i get the hang of it and becomes a habit, then it will not be resolutions anymore.

In addition to those resolutions from 2014, i also have new resolutions for this year. On the last two days of 2014, i did a 20 things i want for 2015 hashtag on my Quotes Twitter. I saw that this hashtag was trending so i decided to do it. Originally, my thought of doing this was just to join in the fun. But after posting a few things i want for 2015, i thought these could be my resolutions for this year and so i gave serious thought to it.

A screenshot of some of the 20 things i want for 2015 on twitter

Here are all the 20 things i want for 2015 organized according to categories which was not done on twitter.

Related to 2014 resolutions:
1. Be able to wake up early
2. Be more independent and self discipline
3. Stick to my daily schedule on the planner

4. Improve my personal well being
5. Hit the gym more often
6. Learn cooking
7. Have an exciting life with lots of wonderful happenings
8. Build up my confidence level
9. Have a positive mindset

Beauty and fashion:
10. Spice up my wardrobe
11. Improve my makeup skills
12. Not be lazy in my daily beauty routine

13. Get a new camera for better quality photos and videos
14. Have at least 1000 followers on this account
15. Be regular in updating my blog
16. Gain inspiration and come up with new quotes

17. See my idols, Jeanette Aw and Elvin Ng, in person
18. Have a staycation
19. Regoranize my room
20. Appreciate life more and spend more time with my family

There are four main categories and an others category as those under others do not fall into the four categories and all the four resolutions would fall in different categories. I am not confident in achieving all of them as i feel that a few of the resolutions are not achievable. Although it is good to create achievable goals, i believe that with a few goals that might not be achievable in the list will motivated me to work towards the rest of the goals that I have confident in achieving. In fact, all the resolutions are achievable in the long run. Its just that i may not be able to fulfill it this year.

That is all for my resolutions for 2015. The resolutions tab above has been updated with the latest resolutions for me to easily keep track of the resolutions i set for myself.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Resolutions Review

We have come to the end of the year and its time to review the resolutions again. I did a review in August and the results wasn't good. Now, 4 months later, lets see if i've improved.

1. Take care of my health, especially during holidays

I'm still trying hard to do this but again, i fell sick during the most recent holidays.

- Have proper meals at proper time
Although my health didn't improve and i still fall sick every holiday, i've started to have proper meals at the proper time. I used to not take breakfast and in the August review, i was still skipping breakfast. Now i'm having breakfast everyday without fail. It was internship that changed this. From September to November, i was doing internship and i managed to have breakfast everyday in the office. Lunch and dinner were also at the proper timing. No late or early lunch and dinner.

Another thing that internship changed to my lifestyle was my waking up time which links to the second point. As i had to wake up at the same time every weekday for work, i found myself waking up much earlier than the time i usually wake up during the holidays. The good thing about waking up early is i can have breakfast.

Since now i'm back to school, i got to have my breakfast at home. So far i've not missed a day. I'm also having breakfast on weekends. I didn't managed to have breakfast on weekends during internship but now i'm having it.

- Go to bed and wake up at proper time
I've covered about my waking up time above but internship also changed my going to bed time. As i was so tired from a full day in the office, i also found myself going to bed earlier than always. Its good that this continued till now as i'm also having a full day in school so i'm always feeling so tired after school. I also still have to wake up at the same time everyday since school starts at the same time daily.

- Drink more water, at least 1 cup a day at home
During internship, i've been drinking more water. Sometimes i drink a couple of cups. But now back in school, the amount of water i'm taking in seems to be lesser. So i definitely need to improve.

2. Have some self discipline

I feel that i've been discipline with having breakfast, especially now that i'm back in school. I need to wake up by a certain time to have sufficient time to have breakfast and that requires some self discipline. In the August review, i always wake up late and rush to school that's why i have no time for breakfast. So i actually need some self discpline to wake up earlier and have breakfast.

Regarding sleeping earlier and waking up early, going to bed earlier was more of me feeling very tired rather than self discipline and waking up early was a requirement cause i had to go for work or school. There was no self discipline in this case except maybe during holidays.

As for drinking more water, i definitely need to be more self discipline. I feel that this point requires a huge amount of self discipline and i need to work on it.

3. Organize my life with a schedule and follow it
During internship, i actually did a schedule but didn't exactly follow it. So i would say after doing it for the first few months after setting the resolutions, i've not been sticking to a schedule. Either i did it and did not follow or i did not do a schedule at all.

In my August review, i showed my schedule planner and how i did my schedule. However, i have plans to change it. Instead of doing it periodically and changing it only when needed, i plan to do it only a daily basis. I can't be sure if this will work out but i hope that by doing the schedule daily and seeing the planner daily, i will be more motivated to stick to the schedule. I will elaborate on the new schedule in another post after i've done it.

Overall, in a total of 7 points, 1 point for each sub resolution for resolution 1 and 2 and a point for the last resolution, i would give myself a score of 3/7. For resolution 1, i did have proper meals at proper time and go to bed and wake up at proper time but i did not really drink more water. For the self discipline resolution, except for being discipline in my meals, the others were more of a natural thing and a need rather than self discipline. As for the last resolution, it is a total obvious that i failed in doing it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Macau & Hong Kong Trip: Part 5

This is the final post for this trip. Finally done with writing about it after 1 year and 3 months. Anyways, here's the rest of the other posts for the trip:

Part 1
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Continuing with Day 6, we wanted to visit a museum at this hospital but it was closed. If i didn't remember wrongly, i think it was closed for renovation.

 photo 20130927_115131_zps09525429.jpg

 photo 20130927_114847_zpsbd38df62.jpg

Lunch that day was at a noodle restaurant and i had beef noodles.

 photo 20130927_122450_zps2bdf77e2.jpg

We spent most of our time shopping, mainly at the Ladies Market and its vicinity.

 photo 20130927_130141_zps50c3e99b.jpg

We had dessert at Hui Lau Shan. I did ate at one of their outlets in Malaysia before and had the same dish as this time in Hong Kong.

 photo 20130927_144418_zps4db2bfbf.jpg
Bird's nest in coconut milk

For dinner, we bought some food back to our hotel.

 photo 20130927_181449_zps7abfe385.jpg
Having a feast in our room

This also marks the end of Day 6. It was quite a relaxing day, just shopping and eating.

On Day 7, we had breakfast at the same Dim Sum restaurant where we also had breakfast on our first morning in Hong Kong.

 photo a41fdc4a-cf25-4111-966d-28c146846430_zps6719db67.jpg
The restaurant name, London Restaurant.

Then we went to return our public transport card. We took the train everywhere we went so we bought the card as it would be cheaper than always buying a ticket.

 photo 20130927_211904_zpsa8b03469.jpg
Its like the ezlink card in Singapore but in Hong Kong they call it Octopus card.

We did some last minute shopping at the Ladies Market before going back to our hotel to pack our luggage and wait for our airport transfer. We arrived at the airport quite early until we could not even check in. So we went to shop around and went to eat.

 photo 20130928_145653_zpsa0c73fed.jpg
My last meal in Hong Kong, Burger King.

After checking in, we took our own sweet time to get to the gate and also went shopping along the way. I vividly remembered that our gate was quite far cause we had to take a train to get there. There was no bridge linking to the plane so we had to hop on a bus that brings us to the plane. After experiencing this, we were all exclaiming that we took three different modes of transport within a couple of hours.

Finally i've completed posting about this Macau and Hong Kong trip. It was my first overseas trip without parents (excluding school trips). When i go overseas with my parents, they would opt for a tour guide so we had a transport everywhere we went. But this trip with my cousins was free and easy and they brought me to most places by foot (Macau) and train (Hong Kong). I've really never walked so much overseas until this trip to Macau. Besides Malaysia and Thailand, i've never went free and easy in any other countries. With so many differences to all my past overseas trips, this trip was totally a fresh experience.