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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Ramblings: What's Wrong With Crying?

I just don't understand why some people cannot accept people crying. When they see someone cry, they give comments like "why cry over the slightest thing" or "it's only a small thing, why is there a need to cry".

But seriously, what's wrong with crying over the slightest thing?

Crying is a form of expression. People normally cry when they are sad or hurt but there are cases when people cry because they are happy. Also, everyone is different. Some people are more prone to crying while some are not. Even the smallest problem can sometimes make people feel hurt and those who are more prone to crying will end up crying.

I'm actually quite prone to crying. I can cry over the any problem even if the level of hurt is very minimum and sometimes people around me just feel that it's pointless to cry. However, crying can be therapeutic. Depending on the level of sadness, sometimes i stop crying after a few minutes but sometimes after a day, i still feel like crying and after all the crying, i actually do feel so much better.

Recently, i posted this quote which i thought of on my quotes twitter.

"If crying will make you feel better, then cry. If shouting will make you feel better, then shout."

As stated, everyone is different so everyone have different ways of letting our their sadness, frustrations or hurts. Some like me, cry it out but others shout it out. Or maybe there are other various methods other people would adopt.

I normally cry at home. When i'm out with a group and felt like crying because of some words being said or in a hurtful situation, i usually can hold back my tears. When i get home, i will definitely cry since the sadness or hurt is still in me. But there were moments when i could not hold back and tears just burst out in public. Well, i agree that it is embarrassing crying in public but there's nothing wrong. Life is full of ups and downs. The ups can range from small to big and the level of happiness can vary. But so can the downs, the level of pain can also vary. So when the pain is at a high level, we might not be able to hold back so easily and crying is one method to reduce the level of painfulness.

Some people always comment "big girls don't cry" or "boys should not cry". I believe that big girls or boys also can cry. There is really nothing wrong with crying. Just like shouting, punching, sleeping or drinking alcohol, crying is just one of the methods to reduce sadness, hurt or pain. Big girls have feelings too and will also face sad or hurtful moments, so do boys. Hence, i don't see why big girls and boys should not cry.

Anyways, all these are just my personal opinion. As stated twice above, everyone is different and everyone can have different opinions. Some people maybe just feel that crying isn't the way to vent out negative feelings. For me, i'm prone to crying as stated and i fully accept it as the method to clear my agony.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Ramblings: The Thing About Schedule Planner

Previously, i did a post on my new schedule planner for 2015 and the changes i made. It's been three months and i'm thinking that this new planner and new way of scheduling seems to be working. As i've stated in that post, planning my schedule on a daily basis actually makes me more discipline in following my schedule and it also reminds me that i have a schedule to follow.

It is somewhat tedious, as stated before as well, but it is working in keeping my life organized. I do want to fulfil my resolution but it is not the main thing cause the purpose of the resolution is to keep my life organized. Although on some days i do feel lazy to plan and i actually plan my schedule for the day on that morning itself, the schedule has actually become a part of my life.

Last year when i was planning my schedule on a once in a few months basis, i only followed the schedule for a couple weeks then it is totally out of my life already. Now, the schedule is actually part of my daily routine. It really shows that i need to see the schedule everyday as a constant reminder and planning the schedule on a daily basis is a way for me to look at it everyday. If i don't plan my schedule everyday, on some days i might not even open up the planner and soon it gets abandon.

After three months of sticking to a schedule, i've realised that procrastination have reduced. I also believed that bored doesn't mean that there is nothing to do. It simply means we don't want or are lazy to do something. As i've already have my day fully planned beforehand, there will unlikely be moments that i have to think hard what i'm going to do at this time or later.

Three weeks ago during the Chinese New Year holiday, i gave myself a break from following schedules. Since i would be busy with visitations and the timing is very uncertain, i did not plan schedules for a few days. Despite being busy, i still have some periods of hours when i was very free and during those free times, i had no idea what to do. On a couple occasions, i ended up just sitting on the sofa and falling asleep.

The schedule planner has actually become my reliance. Without it, i would feel that life has no meaning and procrastination will take place. I admit that i'm quite a lazy bum and procrastinate alot. Schedule planner is that powerful tool that kept the laziness away from me.

I'm constantly adding new things to the planner like a hydrated section to track the cups of water i drink per day. Drinking more water is one of my resolution for this year that's brought forward from last year. Last year, i did a list on my schedule planner to track the cups of water i drink by writing down the number of cups at the end of the day. Since i wasn't planning my schedule on a daily basis at that time, i kept forgetting to write down the number of cups of water i drank. A few days later when i suddenly remember to record, i have forgotten how many cups of water i drank the past few days.

Now i have a new way of tracking the number of cups i drink. Instead of remembering how many cups i drink and writing down a number at the end of the day, i paste a paper with cups of water on it and tick the cups.

I stick the paper with the cups of water beside the schedule and tick how many cups i drink. For example, on 11 Mar i drank 3 cups of water. When i'm at home, i will usually tick the cups after i drink and when i'm out, i will do the ticking when i'm back home since i don't bring my planner out. Sometimes i will forget to tick the cups of water i drank for the day but with the benefit of planning my schedule on a daily basis, it would definitely be recorded by the next day when i still can remember how many cups of water i drank as compared to a few days later, i would have forgotten.

All in all, the schedule planner can be called my baby, gold or treasure. It's a very important book not only to help me fulfill my resolutions but also enables me to improve my overall well-being and it's the book for me to be creative.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

OOTM: January 2015

It's been long since my last fashion post. It's also been long since i last took OOTDs. Anyways, i'm back! Here's my look on four days in January 2015.

 photo 2015-01-040625582_zps6122e10a.jpg
4 January

 photo 2015-01-181246441_zpsb64de8f3.jpg
17 January

 photo 2015-01-250926151_zps60fdcf08.jpg
25 January

 photo 2015-01-310223351_zpsa6d1d71c.jpg
30 January

All the outfits are similar, top and shorts except for 4 January which i wore dress for my cousin's wedding. I have no idea why i kept wearing top and shorts in January. I'm actually trying to experiment different outfits. Well, i've been trying out different styles from my usual but i wish to try even more styles. One of my resolutions is to spice up my wardrobe and i somehow managed to spice it up a little with my new clothes for Chinese New Year. I did a haul video on the clothes i bought for CNY on my fashion and beauty youtube.

Hopefully my next OOTM post will feature a variation of looks!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Schedule Planner For 2015

One of my resolutions is to organize my life with a schedule and stick to it. Actually two resolutions, one brought forward from last year cause i did not fulfill it and another from the 20 things i want for 2015 hashtag which i did on my quotes twitter. But its one thing to be done to fulfill two resolutions.

I had a planner since last year and did a post on it together with my first resolutions review.

This was the notebook i used last year for my planner. I made a variety of schedules - a weekly detailed schedule; 3 post-its with the waking up time, sleeping time and goal of the day; a weekly schedule with meal times, wake up and sleep time fixed. However, i only followed these for a short period of time, maybe a couple of weeks and then i stopped following for months until i need to make changes to the schedule to accommodate my school timetable when changes every semester or because its holidays.

This year i decided to give my planner a total change. I bought this notebook at Typo which was on sale at a discount and did my schedule on a daily basis.

 photo IMG_0004_zpsyholckon.jpg

The daily schedule started on 8 January, the day after i bought the notebook and i made the timing in 30 minutes intervals. I also included an agenda for anything i want to accomplish for that particular day.

 photo IMG_0013_zps7ffcl8xw.jpg

 photo IMG_0011_zpsmgrn9l81.jpg

Since i plan my schedule everyday so i need to open up and look at my planner everyday. Hence, i want it to be colourful and decorative. To make it fancy but still practical, i use small post-its to write down things i need to do but don't have a specific time for it. These things should be repeatable things that i need to do on several days so that i can transfer the post-its from one day to another day.

I also use bigger post-its for my agenda. I just thought it would be nicer to have my agenda on fancy paper, provided i don't have any more space below the schedule on the notebook itself cause sometimes if the day to plan if quite short, i will put two days on one page. Since i'm in school for the whole day, its pointless to list down all the timing cause there will be a big gap between morning and evening which is a waste of space. Sometimes when i know i will be out for many hours, i also skip listing down the timing that i'm not at home.

 photo IMG_0012_zps7kap49wk.jpg

When i first started i write the day but after the thought of decorating, i started to use stamp for the day. I also use stickers to decorate the pages.

 photo IMG_0019_zpshas4tfsz.jpg

After using a bigger notebook and planning my schedule daily, i find that i'm more disciplined in following my schedule. Although sometimes i don't do things at the planned time, i try to complete all the things that is stated in the schedule for the day. I guess having to see the schedule everyday actually reminds me that i have a schedule to follow. For last year's way of doing the schedule, since the schedule is only planned once in a couple of months sometimes i forgot to look at the schedule. So after a few days of forgetting, it gets completely forgotten.

Even though i'm using another bigger notebook as my planner, the small notebook is still put to good use. I used the previous planner to make lists such as ideas on blog posts for this blog, video ideas for both Youtube channels and breakfast meal ideas. I'm thinking of making lists for other meals as well to incorporate healthy meals into my diet.

Although planning my schedule on a daily basis shows an improvement in me following the schedule and keeping my life organized, this may not continue for the whole year. After almost two months, i realize that it is somewhat tedious. On some days, i may not have have time to plan my schedule for the next day. There are also days when i felt lazy to plan. But i'll see how it goes!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Ramblings: Ambition To Passion

When people ask what is your ambition, I always hesitate because I didn't have an answer. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a fashion designer. But as I grew up and complete the different stages of my studies, I knew that I couldn't be a fashion designer.

I wasn't good at art and I did not major in fashion. I ended up majoring in business. When I first entered into the world of business, I didn't knew what my ambition was. This is why when people ask me what is my ambition, I couldn't give an answer. However, I guess I have an answer now.

My career would not be my ambition. Since I studied business, I would probably take on an office job. As of now, I plan to just have a simple job to earn a stable income while doing what I really love. I still love fashion, it has never left me. But it is no more my ambition, it is my passion. I can't design but I still love fashion. Its this passion that made me started my fashion and beauty channel on Youtube where I post OOTD videos. I like to mix and match clothes to create different styles. Days when I can put in more effort in dressing up would probably be a good day for me and I feel so much satisfaction.

In 2007, I already started taking OOTD photos. Shows how much I love dressing up!

This was in 2010.

In 2011. I even made an attempt to style my hair.

In fact, I was already blogging about fashion in 2011, showing my OOTDs. My Youtube channel only existed 2 years ago when I decided to do videos of my OOTDs instead of photos.

I guess I don't have an ambition as of now since I don't know what I can achieve from my passion. Probably one day when I really see the opportunity to achieve something from fashion or any of my other passions, then I will have an ambition.

That's all I can think of for this post. More ramblings in the next Friday Ramblings!

Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday Ramblings: The Waking Up Struggle

For this Friday Ramblings, I'll be rambling on my struggles in waking up. I face this problem almost every morning. Its not because i go to bed late. I usually go to bed between 11.30pm to 1am and no matter what time i go to bed, i will have problems getting out of bed the next morning. There was one night i went to bed at 10.30pm cause i was so tired but still struggled waking up on time the next morning. So my going to bed time is not the resultant for the problem. This doesn't only apply to weekday mornings when i have to be up by 7.45am for school. Even on weekends when i can sleep in and wake up later, i also have problems getting out of bed.

Since i have to be up by 7.45am, i set my alarm at 7.40am but always get out of bed only at 8am or sometimes slightly later. I ended up having to rush to school everyday like i'm running a marathon. I also had to skip breakfast cause i definitely had no time for it. That being said, it actually contradicts with my final resolutions review for 2014 on a paragraph under "have proper meals at proper time".

The paragraph states:

"Since now i'm back to school, i got to have my breakfast at home. So far i've not missed a day. I'm also having breakfast on weekends. I didn't managed to have breakfast on weekends during internship but now i'm having it."

That was in end of November and December last year. But now things have change, not for the better. I've actually missed a few days of breakfast due to waking up late. This is not a good thing not only because its one of my resolutions but its also for good health sake. Actually during December, i did struggle to wake up as well. Its just that my Mum was able to drive me to school on most of the days in that month so i could have breakfast and leave house later.

I decided that a change in plan was needed and made the change two weeks ago. Months ago when i was having internship, i had to be up by 7am and i could wake up on time with only a few days of hiccups. So i thought maybe its the timing, after a certain time i will struggle.

However, 7am was a little early so i tried 7.15am. After two days, i noticed a trend. I always have to snooze for at least 15mins. But i didn't struggled as much waking up at 7.30am compared to 8am. Also, waking up 7.30am gave me exactly enough time to have breakfast, get ready and get to school by walking at normal speed.

Last week, i changed things a little for a couple days and went to set my alarm at 7.25am. I had to snooze and with a 15mins snooze, i have to wake up at 7.40am but i struggled. So the conclusion is i need a 15mins snooze and i will have problems waking up after 7.30am.

This might be the reason i struggle waking up on weekends although i can sleep in. But i don't feel the point in waking up at 7.30am on a no school day. Based on research, many websites give advices on not to sleep in on weekends as it will spoil the body clock. But for me, i feel that weekends should be the time to sleep a little longer and replenish sleep.

On the bright side, I'm actually trying to wake up early everyday even on weekend and that's one of my resolutions for this year. So one day i may try to get up at 7.30am on weekends. Sometimes when i don't feel like waking up for school, i tell myself that i have a resolution to fulfill and straight away i get out of bed. I have not actually tried to make myself wake up early on weekends but i think that using the resolution as motivation would be a good method to try making myself wake up early.

Now my next struggle is trying to write more. So i guess its a sign that i should end here. More rambling in the next Friday Ramblings!